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July 2011 Edito : Automated trading holidays

Family or friends all together, travelling,  deep turquoise water, wite sand beach, coconut palms, cicadas, and cocktails. Maybe this is your definition of good summer holidays. Well, at Automated Trading it's the same... or nearly the same...

First of all, we too have relocated. Since July we are settled in our own offices in London. Next to Tower Bridge for those who know. This will be our white sand beach while the Thames will be our sea. Yes, I didn't dare qualifying it of turquoise...

No cocktails ( during the working hours as far as I know)... No, our own liquor is coding. Pages and pages of code and charts...

- " A glass of cold DAX, 2009-2011 millesime, please."

- Of course Sir! With or without slices of Bollinger ? In addition, the house is offering a selection of season's indicators"

As for the cicadas, or the rustle of the waves on the sand, the ventilators of our brand new Dells have nothing to envy.

But summer holidays without family or friends are not real holidays. And here also we have nothing to complain about, since the Alpha Novae family - renamed Alpha Vahine for the occasion - has never been that big.

Let's be gentlemen and start with the ladies. Yang manages the plannings, the accounting and the troops with delicate fingers ( and an iron hand...). It's, above all, thanks to her if we managed to put together at the same time office, computers, a broadband connection furnitures and people. And, here in London, it's a practically a feat ! It's also thanks to Yang that we are now conquering Asia

Damien expert in MQL4 and passionate by IT and trading, joined us in London a month ago. Damien is a real platform's charmer, and his EAs are always at his beck and call. A cappuccino and nothing can stop him... until the next cappuccino.

Gerard has been helping us for several weeks already and is joining us for a part-time job from august. With 4 years of experience in investment banks in risk department, Gerard is the wise man of the team. What he likes above all are challenges and stimulating projects... and we have a lot of it here !

Jeremy has been an intern since the beginning of June. His first mission consisted in translating contents form the french portal to Automated Trading. So excuse him for the "few" mistakes as he's trying to do his best in order to make Automated Trading an important exchange platform around algorithmic trading.

Alexandre has just joined us for a 3 months internship. One of the distinguish features of Alexandre is that he he's able to play the commercial and the developer as well. He's already a famous film maker on and we hope that he will know the same success here in england ! I've been told that he's actually making the buzz film of the summer so stay tuned ! After that, Alexandre will take part in the elaboration of new products.

Finally, there is another one but we don't see him that much... Lots of rumors can be heard about him and it's hard to differentiate the true from the fake ones. Some might say that he sleeps during the day and works during the night and others say the opposite. Some see him as a trader and others a developer. Some think that he spends all his time roaming on forums and others will tell you he's programing.. But one thing is sure, it's that he's really passionate by his work!

Now that everybody's here, we just have to plan the activities and we can say at least that they are numerous. We do not lack of projects around here!

Ok, so now everything is ready for a prfect summer hollidays. Don't hesitate to tell us about yours... but not too much...

Have a nice hollidays and ... or a nice trading.

Nicolas Vitale
Trading Automatique and Automated Trading
Director of Alpha Novae

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